The Socialist Renewal Publishing Project is an independent, anti-capitalist community-service co-operative. We offer free literature addressing themes relevant to socialist renewal and aimed mainly at an audience of anti-racist, pro-feminist, anti-capitalist activists, especially within the Canadian state. All materials are edited, printed, and distributed by co-op members and are presented in simple, inexpensive formats, to make free distribution possible.

As of 1 August 2009, we are offering the following titles for free distribution, both as printable PDF files downloadable from this site and in paper editions that we will send free of charge to any mailing address in Canada.

Post-Capitalist Alternatives: New Perspectives on Economic Democracy (2009)
AUTHORS: Ethan Miller and Michael Albert | ISBN: 978-0-9813213-2-5
Four essays offering contemporary perspectives on the project of constructing a post-capitalist egalitarian economic democracy by two of today's leading voices on the subject, Ethan Miller and Michael Albert.
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Environmentalism as if Winning Mattered: A Civil Society Strategy (2009)
AUTHOR: S. D'Arcy | ISBN: 978-0-9813213-3-2
The "civil society strategy" offers what most approaches to environmental activism stop short of proposing: a strategy for winning. It offers a long-range strategy for fighting -- and winning -- the struggle to defend the planet and its people from corporate greed, replacing ecocidal capitalism with an environmentally just and sustainable post-capitalist economic democracy. (Included as an Appendix: The Belém Ecosocialist Declaration, 2009.)
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Voices of the New Radical Activism (2009)
AUTHORS: Various | ISBN: 978-0-9813213-1-8
A series of short articles brought together to introduce readers to some of the most dynamic initiatives emerging from today's anti-racist, pro-feminist, anti-capitalist Left, including No One is Illegal, OCAP, and Toujours RebELLEs/Waves of Resistance.
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More titles will be available very soon.

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